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Why Didn't You Tell Me That

We make a lot of content. Between our social media, blog posts, email newsletter, and conversations we generate a looooootttttt of content. Sometimes we circle back on important topics, but most of the time we are covering new ideas and strategies for getting the most out of your website and online marketing. As a result I sometimes forget that the rest of the world doesn't live in my bubble when I answer the question, “Why didn't you tell me that?” Well, I thought I did. In reality I wrote an article like this one and sent it everywhere I hoped people would find it, but I did not tell you directly. There is a difference.

Sometimes I Forget

I sometimes forget that the whole world is not my mother hanging on every word her little boy writes. Why should they? They have their own little boys to pay attention to. So do I. That is why we always try to do our best to research out the best practices and educate our customers on what we have learned, what we have been doing, etc. When we publish content, it is the outgrowth of our work and experiences. Often times, it is the customer's question that spurred the effort that ended in a story to publish. Sometimes I forget the reason we have stories to tell is the very customers that are asking the questions, even the questions we've already answered 100 times.

I Want To help

I recently had a nice conversation with a prospective customer and at the end he thanked me for explaining everything so thoroughly. We were not the lowest bid he received shopping that day, but we were the most thorough and complete. We got the job. I want to help even when we don't get the job. I want to help prospective, new, and long time clients understand their website and make the most of it. Sometimes that is just answering questions, sometimes that is teaching them how, and sometimes that is doing it for them.

I Want To Tell You That

In the event you have a question, don't hesitate to ask and don't think it is a dumb question. A friend told me a couple of weeks ago during a brew day, “I hope you don't get tired of me asking dumb questions.” My crew and I never tire of answering questions. If we can help you, let us know. We will do our best and tell you when you are outside of our scope. I just wanted to tell you that.