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Should You Pay Hourly for Website Updates?

When you build a website for your business, don't assume you can put maintenance on the back burner. Getting your website up and running is your first priority, but it's also crucial to maintain your site with updates that will boost it's SEO and popularity.

Is it worth your money for a monthly maintenance plan? Yes and No – it depends on the type of business you operate. Let's say we have Store A and store B. Store A sells clothes in their online store and Store B sells notebook paper.

Store A must keep up with constantly changing fashion trends to stay current and retain customers. They are constantly adding or changing inventory. They add new products to their store every month for different trends and different seasons. They want to keep their customers up to date with all of this new information, so they post blog articles about their store and various fashion changes. If Store A failed to keep their store current this way, they would fail. To maintain their site, they would probably need 4 to 5 hours of updates a month for adding products and articles. At our hourly rate, that would cost them $340to $425 a month instead of $89.95 for a monthly maintenance plan.

Now let's look at Store B. Notebook paper doesn't really change that much. Store B might update their site with new information once or twice a year. So spending $89.95 a month probably isn't worth their money. They are better off just paying the hourly rate.

Those are the big differences in deciding whether to go with a monthly maintenance plan. Just remember that with any website, it's always good to make updates and changes to the site because it's good for SEO. So if you are one of our clients with a maintenance plan, just remember to give us a call and get some of those updates rolling!