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SEO Plan 2018

The new Google algorithms released strongly indicate that more frequent and longer visits will increase the credibility scored used to rank your website higher. We are changing the SEO service we offer to make the most of these changes.

In short, time and frequency are taking a front seat. Our goal in the SEO realm will be to get more people to visit more often and spend more time on you website. How is that different than before? Well, it’s not really that much different in the end goal. The goal is the same, but the approach to getting there has to change a little.

Purpose of the Content

The way content is consumed and indexed online has been changing. More and more, content is sought by interested consumers as they educate themselves before ever making the call to a prospective business. The content you publish, therefore, should be first educational and second sales-based. This content will be indexed by search engines and then found by seeking consumers who are hungry for quality information. When those consumers find useful information on your website they are more likely to trust you as the authority in your field. As a result of this new direction, the content developed for your website will be higher in educational quality, lower in sheer quantity, and designed to show you as a helpful source of trusted information. As your visitors find better content on your website, they come back more frequently and spend more time.

We will be planning 1 topic per month and writing the content as usual. Your approval of the topic and finished content is required before anything can be published.

Linking in Social Media

Anytime your website is updated it is important to share that across any social media profiles you use. While the backlink value of these has been degraded, the people value is becoming more important. When we post new content to your website, we need your social media manager to share the link and intro to that content. The more people that can be driven through to read the content the better it works. This helps to boost the frequency and time of visitors on your website. As we connect more people to your brand as a trusted and authoritative source you gain more credibility.

As each article is completed and published, we will send your social media manager the link and intro to be shared. The quicker this can be shared the better.

Internal and External Links

As we put the content together it has become more important to link both internally to others things in your website and externally to other relevant websites. Both of these increase the quality of the content and indexing of your website. Internal links would be contextual so that a product or service mentioned would be linked. External links are most often to supporting citations to help prove more credibility to what you are saying. As we evolve this service you can expect to see more of these link methods in use.

Spreading it Out

Backlinks have always had some important role in search ranks, but those are changing too. Long gone are the days of just the number of backlinks. We need to help you get good, authoritative links back to your website from other websites. To this end, we will be submitting your articles to third party sources asking for them to publish and link to your content. That brings the benefit of fresh content on the other websites and the link back to yours in related content. Not all of these attempts will be successful, but when the content is of a high quality if will be more successful. As the number of these backlinks grows, so will the credibility your website carries with search engines. That allows more people to find you through both the backlinks and the search indexes.

Implementation Plans

Our goal is always to help you gain more exposure online. As we roll this out starting in March and April of 2018 you can expect to see some different requests and information in your inbox.