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Red Letter Linens: Lubbock Wedding Linen Rentals

Jill, owner of Red Letter Linens, came to us as a referral from another client, which is our favorite way to get a new customer. It is always a great feeling for someone to think enough of your service to pass their friends over to you as well. Jill’s goal was a website that communicated her eye for detail and passion for successful events. She needed people to find her, connect with her company, and schedule an appointment.

We worked up a plan for a 4 page theme based website that has a modern, minimalist feel. Photos played a big role in the appearance of this website with near full screen banner images, sliders, and inset pictures throughout the content. The larger pictures brought one of the challenges for us in getting eyes on the content “below the fold.” That means content that falls below the bottom of the visible screen. To assist with this, we configured two scroll down buttons on those banners to move people down the screen and into the meat of the website.

Another interesting area is the FAQ section on the How It Works page. This section contains a lot of content that needed a clean organized plan. For that, we implemented an accordion style layout to hide the answers of each question until the question is clicked. Each section of questions falls under its own headline then the questions remain closed until they are clicked by the visitor. This keeps the page from going on too long while still providing access to all of that information.

Jill was a pleasure to work with and exemplified her eye for detail in each step of the way. While I am an early bird, Jill was a night owl so our conversations often ended up a few hours apart with her email at 2am and mine at 5am. We all enjoyed working on this project and look forward to the next one.

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