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Raider Flooring: New Web Design

As a new endeavor in the flooring market, Mike Anderson and his team of seasoned flooring professionals at Raider Flooring Store were excited to open their retail store a few weeks ago. Even though this is a new store, they have been installing floors for over 20 years. Needless to say, they know their stuff.

With a new business, comes a new website – which is where we stepped in. They came to us wanting a new website as a general teaching tool of the materials they sell.

For Raider Flooring, we designed a 7-page website where each page is dedicated to a different type of flooring. Additionally, they wanted to include a financing page. Because it’s retail store, they want people to come to their location to see the assorted products in stock. But Raider Flooring doesn’t leave people high and dry on their website. People are visually driven so, you still want to have an image laden website. With each page, there is an example of the flooring to give the reader a taste of the quality flooring they provide. On this specific website, you click on the picture to zoom in so you can see the detailing which works well for retail. In addition to zooming in on the pictures, there is a list of logos that exhibit the products they sell at the bottom of the front page which provides a more dynamic look.

Financing is typically used when purchasing new flooring and Raider Flooring wanted to create a space where their financing opportunities were easily accessible. So, we added a financing page that sends you to a loan hero link. Not only is this easy for Raider Flooring, but is also easier for the customer! Websites can be truly versatile platforms for your business.

Take a look at their website and ask us about the different website capabilities and design we offer.