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Office Decor

Have you ever thought about how your office make you feel or that it can effect your productivity? We are still getting settled in our new space and figuring out what we would like to do with it. We want to be comfortable and want our clients to be comfortable as well. We have chosen an open format layout with no walls separating our desks, we can talk to each other all day long about projects we are working. It is working out perfectly so far.

I have read some articles on this topic. One stated that if a person gets to help design the space they are working in, they feel more connected to the company, and will work harder and be more proficient. I think this goes for any kind of working environment. Whether it be your office, desk, or the whole building. If you had a hand in making it, then you feel like you have more responsibility maintaining it. Not only in appearance, but also in customer service and productivity.

How do you decide what your office, showroom, or workspace looks like? Is it a collaborative effort or one sided decision?