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Not All Websites Are The Same

I’ve never owned a fancy car so I don’t know how it works when you take one to the mechanic, but I know my car guy doesn’t like to work on boats or lawn mowers. Additionally, the lawn mower guy could probably fix my car, but that is not his strongest area. I would imagine that a high-end sports car needs a different skill set than a normal car and an import might need a specialized set of tools and knowledge that not all mechanics have. Websites are not outside of that same pattern, are they?

Over the next few segments we will look at three areas that, I hope, will help you plan for the best solution on your website be that with my company or another:

  1. Not All Websites Are The Same
  2. Be Aware Of What You Are Buying
  3. Have A Trusted Expert

Not All Websites Are The Same

A recent call illustrated an important point that all websites are not the same. The person on the other end of the phone was very nice and professional, but the questions confused me. She was trying to figure out how to include a subscription management tool we had built into a website that she was working on. Long story short, those two things are not compatible. They are like apples and oranges internally.

The website game has changed so much in the 15 years I have been in business. Now you can signup with a DIY website builder and have a website online in a couple of hours. This will turn out a website, yes, but will it accomplish your goal? Probably not.

In the example above, the website being built was using one of those tools that is very limited in function. It will do a few things good, but nothing else at all. When your website exceeds that the DIY tool can do, you have to buy a new website. It is like buying a small car for gas mileage, having a few kids, buying a boat, and then asking the mechanic to make that small car work for your new need. It just doesn’t work.

When you are looking at your website plans, link short and long term. Yes, a small DIY online brochure works today, but I want to sell online within 12 months. Can this website handle an online store? Think through the overall plan so you can buy the right tool the first time. All too often we work on new websites for customers who have built a DIY site only weeks or months before then realized it was not going to work. Had we started on the best plan in the beginning it would have saved them a lot of time, money, and headache.

Slow Down, Make The Right Call

I hope this series is helpful to you. As we explore the three segments, I welcome your input and questions. Call or email anytime: 806-771-5022