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New Website for Hoof and Claw Spa for Men

At Your Web Pro, we love working with companies to design websites. Recently, we partnered with Hoof & Claw Men’s Spa to create a brand-new website for their business. Ana Bures, co-founder of Hoof & Claw Men’s Spa, is a delight to work with; she gave us free reign on the design work and collaboratively partnered with our team to craft content that fit their voice and mission.

We met Ana through a networking event and she was looking for a clean, simple look with theme colors as black and white with red accents. When we designed this website, we kept her desires at the forefront and ensured she got what she requested.

In today’s age, most people access websites from mobile devices. We designed this website to be versatile, in that the layout of the website translates well from computers to tablets to smart phones. You can even get a preview of this on your desktop by simply pulling up the website and resizing the window.

Additionally, as you scroll down, you don’t lose the menu. The web page adjusts and adapts with the scrolling and finds its home at the top of the page instead of disappearing out of sight. This helps center the page without losing the valuable information in the header. ,/p>

There are many different options to help make your website mobile friendly. If you are looking to create a new website or are simply wanting a fresh look, give us a call today. We would love to sit down with you, show you the different projects we have done, and discuss our different website options.

Hoof & Claw Men’s Spa is a cool place. It transforms the tradition idea of a standard spa and tailor it specifically to men. They offer manicures, pedicures, grooming, and massages. It’s a place for men to feel comfortable and relaxed. The business’s founding history is an awesome and funny story. If you get the chance, you should swing by and learn more about how they came to be.

Check out Hoof and Claw’s website here. Peak around and then swing by to get your haircut!