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Lone Star Lockouts: New, Simple Website

Lone Star Lockouts is an auto business that deals exclusively with auto lockouts. They provide easy, straight forward service with a flat rate fee. When people get locked out of their car, the first thing they think to do is call a full-service locksmith because they don’t realize that there are simple auto unlock services that are affordable and exclusively provide auto lockout services. Darrel has been in the locksmith business for 17 years and has unlocked over 10,000 cars. Recently, he decided that he wanted to run an honest, simple business that didn’t have hidden fees and specialized in an affordable service – thus, Lone Star Lockouts is born.

Their website accurately represents the company’s values because of the simplistic and upfront nature of the site. There are only three pages and each page has organized, concise information that provides a clean look. We organized the content in a very intentional way – each chunk of content is brief, creating an easily readable dynamic for the audience. Because people have shorter attention spans than goldfish, we wanted to be sure that the information was easily accessible, so on the slider we put the flat rate fee and three qualities about the company that appeal to the customer.

We are deliberate in the way we design websites and make sure it’s an honest and accurate representation of the client. When we work with our customers, we sit down to get to know them, their company, and the desires for the website. From there, we craft, strategize, and create content and a design layout that fits.

Be sure to check out Lone Star Lockout’s website here. If you are ever in a bind and can’t get into your car, give them a call! They have 24/7 emergency service with a flat rate $20 fee.