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Is Your Website Growing Weeds?

We planted a rather large vegetable patch this summer. It’s a three-part plan:

1) Grow food we like to eat

2) Teach our kids how to grow and care for plants

3) Give the kids a summer job – they are selling produce by the road and splitting their profits.

We started working on the land last fall and worked through the winter to clean it up, till it, install a ultra-nerdy irrigation system, etc. We planted in the spring and got our first harvest at the end of June. Everything looked great following that first harvest then we left for vacation the first part of July. That’s when the weeds took over.

When we got home there were weeds that rivaled West Texas trees. Another day or two and we could have sold logs for cabins. In one short week of leaving the garden un-tended it turned from beauty to beast. A couple of weeks later we ae almost back to beauty.

Sure, but websites don’t grow weeds…

Right. Websites do not grow weeds, but they are not maintenance free either. A new website launches with a lot of planning and work behind it. Depending on how it is built, maintenance cycles vary. Most website being built today are using a content management system like WordPress and those require more maintenance than a static site.

WordPress Website Maintenance

The WordPress core is a centrally managed code base with thousands of independently managed plugins that update on their own as needed. So a WordPress website with five plugins might have six updates a few days a part. If the core updates, more plugins will have an update following shortly. You can wait and roll all of those up at once, but there are security risks for every minute your website is out of date. As a practice, we monitor our customer’s websites to notify them of pending updates. For ongoing maintenance customers we install those updates directly as well.

Other updates you should consider are more content related. You should be updating content and pictures throughout your website regularly. The more often you do these updates, the better your website will do. When visitors and search engine bots come through, they will see fresh fruit instead of rotten, weed ridden rows.

Static Site Maintenance

Most static websites require no ongoing maintenance aside from the normal content and picture updates that will help your website stay fresh. The few maintenance things to consider outside of content are involved in keeping up with technology. We like to evaluate this twice a year to make sure the site still fits the needs you have.

Making It Easy at Your Web Pro LLC

We do a lot of website maintenance at Your Web Pro. Between the ongoing CMS system updates and the content updates keeping things fresh, not a week goes by that we are not filling hours on maintenance work. A lot of our customers take advantage of our website maintenance service that bills one affordable flat rate per month to cover your CMS updates and content updates. We can also do the same thing as an hourly service as you need us. Even if we don’t do your website maintenance, we want to help you have a plan. If you have questions or want to bounce a few ideas around, get in touch.

Tell Me More About This Produce

I will let the kids do that. They are updating their website with info from time to time. As the lead weed hoer and chief tractor driver, I am the labor, not the boss of that operation. You can follow them on for more information. They would love to see you come out for a bag of okra.