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How to get people to sign up for your emails

Mass email marketing is a great tool to have in your marketing shed. It allows you to reach your customers with targeted messages that will encourage them to click over and make a purchase. The most difficult part of email marketing is gathering the list. Here are a few ways you can build yours.

Auto opt-in
Anytime you get an email address from a customer, automatically add that email to your list. Since most forms a customer fills out will also include other demographic information, you can put them into targeted lists for certain specials and products.

Sign up form
Include an email sign up form on your web site. You can place the form on every page, certain pages or as a pop up. Offering a small discount for signing up is a good incentive.

Social media
Use social media to further disseminate your sign up form. If you're following our guidelines for social media posting, you'll already be showing them things they want to see, which will encourage them to sign up for more information from you.

If you have questions about starting up a mass email marketing campaign, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.