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Have A Trusted Expert

I’ve never owned a fancy car so I don’t know how it works when you take one to the mechanic, but I know my car guy doesn’t like to work on boats or lawn mowers. Additionally, the lawn mower guy could probably fix my car, but that is not his strongest area. I would imagine that a high-end sports car needs a different skill set than a normal car and an import might need a specialized set of tools and knowledge that not all mechanics have. Websites are not outside of that same pattern, are they?

Over the next few segments we will look at three areas that, I hope, will help you plan for the best solution on your website be that with my company or another:

  1. Not All Websites Are The Same
  2. Be Aware Of What You Are Buying
  3. Have A Trusted Expert
    1. Have A Trusted Expert

      Back to the car analogy… I have usually bought used cars and have found the value of a trusted expert to bounce ideas off of. That might be a long time car salesman who is now in the banking world or a veteran mechanic that can really show me potential problems. I can take my car to the mechanic and know I will get an honest evaluation on whether we should do a major repair or start shopping. If I am shopping I can take a potential car in for a look-over to find potential issues. This can also take the form of online forums where you can ask a lot of questions from other people in the industry. I’ve done that for a number of things before pulling the trigger.

      In my role at Your Web Pro LLC I have the privilege of helping customers make these calls all of the time. It can be tempting to just sell people a new website, but that is not the right thing to do. My goal is to look at the whole picture and advise on the best direction, whether that means we get the work or not. It is better to tell our customers the truth than lie and make a quick buck. If you don’t have a trusted expert, I am happy to fill that role. If that means advising on what another provider is offering, that is just fine. I want you to find the best solutions, and we are not the best for every need.

      Slow Down, Make The Right Call

      I hope this series is helpful to you. As we explore the three segments, I welcome your input and questions. Call or email anytime: 806-771-5022