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Harris Homes and Interiors

Melissa Harris is one of those customers that just keeps growing and growing. We have been doing work for her wedding venue for years. That venue, Walnut Tree, is an oasis in the Olton countryside. You can learn more about that at Another venture that Melissa is involved in, along with her husband Chuck, is a custom building and remodeling company called Harris Homes and Interiors.

Harris Homes and Interiors works on construction and remodeling projects large and small throughout the South Plains area. Melissa’s drive in their projects is to bring one of a kind elements that mean the world to their customers. One example she shared with me was a rusty old pickup truck door she used in one project. The pickup was parked and rusting on the family farm, but held deep memories for the customer. She used that door as element in the remodeling project preserving those memories in his home.

Another interesting facet of their business is in the popular tiny home trend. Tiny homes have taken center stage in the hot housing trends across America. Harris Homes and Interiors brings their experience and sense of design to the tiny home market with custom build, immaculately designed, and fully furnished tiny homes.

This website was an interesting project with a time-crunch. We normally allow two weeks to build a website like this. Melissa needed it in two days. Eeek! We kept the coffee on and got after it with a turn around on time for their pending marketing exposure. While we don’t want to push them all that fast, we always strive to deliver the product our customers need on the timeline they need.

Check out the Harris Homes and Interiors website at and be sure to look at the tiny house pictures while you are there.