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For a longtime we have had the honor of hosting email for The Nurturing Center, a local non-profit educating ladies about their options when they become pregnant. Recently they inquired of us about a rebuild for their website. We appreciate that The Nurturing Center is a faith based, pro-life group helping to nurture both the life of that unborn child and the health of the mother. Lawrence, their executive director started with a goal to save one child from abortion, and has surpassed that goal by hundreds upon hundreds. With onsite counseling, sonograms, and a host of resources, The Nurturing Center is truly making a difference in the lives of mothers and children in our community.

This website is a custom designed site with content completely reworked collaboratively by the Your Web Pro staff and The Nurturing Center staff. We worked closely with several members of their crew throughout the project to get the right words, pictures, and videos to help them continue their life saving mission.

Our role in this project is a special one. From time to time we are presented with an opportunity to give back on a project like this. We are fortunate to have a crew with amazing talents and great hearts. When we find a group like The Nurturing Center we do everything we can to help them at no cost. From hosting their email through building this website, we worked hard to get just what they needed.

One of our company values is to Engage Our Community by Being Charitable. What that means to us as a company is that we should seek ways to engage the communities that we live and work in. A lot of the time people think of this only on a financial role, and, while that is important, we want to engage the community with hands on effort like we did on The Nurturing Center.

Full Service Online Marketing from Your Web Pro in Lubbock

Tarvis Grant is a Realtor in Lubbock helping folks buy and sell their homes every day. Working with Tarvis has shown us the dedication to his trade that has made him so successful. In each step of the website we followed his vision to build a tool that helps people connect with their perfect home. This website is a CMS based theme site with an IDX MLS plugin for listings and searching not only Tarvis’s listings, but those from other agents in the Lubbock Association of Realtors as well.

Your Web Pro built this as a brand new website with the goal of helping Tarvis connect with new customers whether they are looking for a home for their family, investment property, or those who need to sell the home they currently have.

As a theme site, The Grant Agency has the best of both worlds with a great appearance and affordable website. Theme sites use a pre-built website theme on an easy to use website platform. The skips the step of designing a website from scratch so you have a faster turnaround at a lower cost. That works great for many businesses who do not have need or a super special look. Other times a business does need a specific look and for those we offer a custom design package that meets the exact needs.

For The Grant Agency, the focus was on presenting the tools to find and view listings that help people find the perfect home in Lubbock. A fancy, custom designed website was not needed to get that job done. At Your Web Pro LLC, we seek to fit the best product to each job. Down the road, Tarvis may need to take this website to a new theme design or even a custom design. If that day comes, we can make it happen with the core build he already has. We seek to be the most flexible web design company in Lubbock for our clients.

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