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Ferguson Power Washing

We have had the honor of working with Jonathan Ferguson for years as he has grown his power washing company from a tiny, one-man operation, to a multi-crew team working around the clock. Ferguson Power Washing uses high-pressure, super-heated water that can clean almost anything off of concrete, wood, brick, and metal. Primarily, the Ferguson Power Washing guys clean parking lots, sidewalks, vent hoods, and building exteriors. Since much of this work is done while a business is otherwise closed, these guys work all night most nights then pickup daytime jobs when the sun comes up. If you have an old deck or fence, they can bring new life to those as well with professional power washing services in Lubbock.

This website is the third version we have built for Jonathan. This one comes with a shift in their company from the original plan as a mobile car washing service to their new offering of commercial and residential power washing. This website is simpler that the last version with a clean design to show what they do. We used a theme build on this website keeping the cost low and development quick. We matched the color to their new branding and used pictures of their work to highlight the outstanding job Jonathan and his team does. The website consists of 5 pages covering the service categories Ferguson Power Washing does. As all new websites should be, this is mobile friendly with a responsive design model adapting to desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone screens.

Our goal on this project was to show off the work that Jonathan’s company does and encourage new business to his company. We wanted to help him be found in search, but also get those searches to contact him. It is great to maintain a nice search rank, but there will not be any value if your visitors do not convert to customers. We can help you make those people convert. Get in touch today!