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Extreme Heat & AC

Donny Garrison at Extreme Heat and AC is a busy man running service calls and installing new HVAC systems all over the south plains. His busy business needed a better presence on the Internet to showcase what they do by helping customers find him and determine if he can fit the need they have.

The website for this project did not require a custom design package. A theme based website using his logo and area pictures carries the overall visual look while the content was completely written to fit the services that Donny provides.

Theme sites have become a very popular addition to our offering because they can be built faster and cheaper than a custom designed site. The big difference between a theme site and custom site is the overall look. Custom sites are just that, custom. Theme sites are more “cookie-cutter” with limited options on the layout and placement. At the end of the day, both options produce a great website.

For Extreme Heat and AC, the goal was to get out there and educate people about their company. The vehicle of the website to get out there did not need too much pizzazz. With three pages of content we are able to introduce Extreme Heat and AC to customers, educate them on their services, and point them to the right place to get in touch. The pages of this site are home, services, and contact us.

Our goal with any project is to meet the customer’s goals with the best approach possible in their budget, timeline, and branding desires. When 3 pages can get it done, that is perfect. If we need 23 pages, that is just fine as well. Our goal is your success and we wish Donny the best on this new website.

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