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Easily Add Screencasts to Your Website — Without Breaking the Bank

Want to create good quality instructional videos for your site's visitors but aren't sure what screen recording software or microphone to use? Want to be able to do this without having to purchase expensive software and equipment? Well then you're in luck, because I'm gonna cover just how to do that.

Let's start with the audio. You'll find lots of information out there suggesting that in order to obtain good sound quality, you'll need a relatively expensive setup — an expensive microphone, anti-vibration mounting equipment, a pop filter, sound absorption materials, and even mixing equipment. And while it is true that these things would allow you to produce a higher quality audio recording, its also true that these things aren't really necessary if all you're after is nice sounding, clean, good quality audio. So before running out and purchasing a new microphone, instead perform some test recordings with equipment you may already own. You'll likely discover that you already have what you need. In fact, I've found that the mic in the inexpensive webcam I've had lying around collecting dust works just great for me.

And as for the software, I've found that Microsoft's Expession Encoder 4 Screen Capture tool works extremely well. It's very easy to install and super easy to use even for the non-tech savvy individual. You can grab that free here: