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Defining SEO

If you have been in business more than three minutes you have been solicited for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Whether it was a telemarketer from “Google” or a piece of junk email offering you a rank so high you would slap your mother, you have seen the term SEO someplace. So, what is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO Explained, Briefly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting your website to rank higher in search results so you are more easily and more frequently found. You can find as many methods, and practitioners, of doing this as there are stars in the sky, and all of them are speculative.

The search engines rarely tell the public anything about how they rank websites. There are hints at hundreds of factors and a slim few definitive must-dos. With that information in hand, we work with the best practices that we see good results from. Our strategy must be flexible for the needs of each account since SEO is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

The top two must-do things are simple ideas:

Make a website that has a good experience for users:

  • Clean navigation
  • Mobile friendly
  • No pop ups

Update your website frequently with original and relevant content:

  • Blog or news articles
  • New product or company announcements
  • Seasonal changes and developments

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization?

This is a simple one: You need SEO to get more from your website. If you want your website to gain more traffic and convert more customers, you need SEO work done to help it get that. It is crystal clear that a website with good SEO efforts performs better than those that are left to languish. Websites are not like wine and they do not get better with undisturbed aging.

Who You Gonna Call?

In the time you have spent reading this you have probably been called 7 times by a “Google Specialist” and received 47 emails to sell you SEO. The truth is, none of those people work for Google and none of them are looking out for you. Most of them are telemarketers selling something they do not understand and too many are just running a scam.

At Your Web Pro, we are neither telemarketers or scammers. We approach each SEO customer with a unique plan to fit their needs then follow-up relentlessly to do our best to get the results desired. What’s more, we want to guide you honestly so we will push to obtain realistic goals and a solid understanding of the why’s and how’s of our efforts. If you have questions about SEO and how to rank better, give us a call – just don’t tell us you are a Google Specialist or we might hang up on you right away.