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Are You An Expert In Your Field Part 3

How do you become an expert in your field? Is it an amount of time that you’ve worked, the education, the experience? How do you get to become the expert level plumber, expert level doctor, expert level whatever? I have heard numbers like 10,000 hours or 7 years and I have completed both of those limits, but sometimes I feel less like an expert. In part 3 of our four part series on showing your expert level, we continue this week looking at using a social media and re-purposed content to communicate your expert level knowledge and commitment.

Spread The Content Out

Once you have developed this content on your website that shows you are an expect, then we want to take that content to spread it out in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I want to get that information out in front of his many eyeballs as I can. So we’re going to take that content and repurpose that content in smaller bites in social media where it’s going to be consumed easily on the social networks that your customers are already going to. You really need to do that on a consistent basis just like we’re going to post website content. In social media, when you are a consistent source of good information that educates, informs, and entertains viewers you will see growth. Also, remember that social media is a slow game. You do not setup a Facebook page an retire a millionaire the next day. You slowly build a loyal audience then farm that audience for sales.

You want to show and teach people that you really do know your stuff. You may not have 10,000 hours under your belt and maybe don’t have seven years. I think you can still achieve that expert level by showing people that you truly are knowledgeable and ready to help them at an expert level.