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A Journey Across the United States

We met the Solis family in a neat way. After a Wednesday Bible study at the church across from our office, they popped in to see how much a website would cost for their endeavor, called Jesus Journey. Jesus Journey is their journey across the United States to share their story and "to exhort and encourage those who have been called but don’t exactly know what it looks like or how to get started." All the while, they will document everything via video!

Their website serves as something like a planner and a diary together – they have a calendar, blog, a donation page, and a map of where they currently are in the United States. The map is a dynamic feature of WordPress theme sites. Since they are traveling across the country, they wanted a map to track where they were and link to the stories there. This provides an interactive and visual element to their website. You can check it out here.

Additionally, the aesthetic of their website is based around “journey” elements. On the theme sites, you don’t simply have to choose a color. For example, we used an image of a highway road on this particular website.

Also, typically we design websites where the slider at the top of the page. But with this website, their tagline is static and above the slider. It says, “This is Our Jesus Journey,” laying out the big picture before you get into the meat of the text. This is a great way to hook the reader into the website and give them an idea of what you are about right off the bat.

This story driven family has a website that reflect their heart and their journey. Check out what they are doing and if you are interested in getting involved, take a look at their website here!