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2015 In Review

Each year I write an article about the year: the struggles, the joys, and the status of things. All in all, 2015 was rather uneventful. We have had the same crew working this entire year and have seen good growth in our customers. Our families are healthy and growing up. It has been a great year overall.

On a service level, we started offering Themed Sites as a mid-range website option. I have resisted this for a long time sticking to the “way we have always done it.” Reason prevailed that we needed to add this to give our customers the best options available. Themed sites have been a good line for us. We are able to deliver great looking websites at a lower cost to the customer.

Another change we made this year was to enhance our offsite backup strategy. We have always done daily backups of our customer accounts and stored those offsite. We used to swap drives in a bank vault to do this, but changed to a digital method for quicker retrieval and more flexibility – and the same security level.

On a culture note we developed what we call “9 Life: An Insurrection Against Mediocrity.” This is a statement of values, rules, and values we strive to live by. There are 9 points to this list that cover things like impacting our families, working hard, and loving people. Each week, the crew reviews and discusses one of the points for just a few minutes in the morning meeting. This has been a great connection point for us to keep in mind the things that matter most.

Another thing we started this year is “Q.” This is a secret Santa sort of thing that we randomly pick a “Q” each quarter that gets a handful of cash to do fun things for the crew. These things include buying lunch, giving us treats, and anything else the “Q” wants to do. They have to do all of this in secret and reveal themselves at the end of the quarter when a new "Q" is chosen.

It has been a fun year with a lot of exciting things here. We thank you for the continued business and support as we strive to do our best on each and everything you entrust to us.