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144 Rock Chip Website Redesign

144 Rock Chip

We began working with Justin and 144 Rock Chip Express a few years ago with a SimpleSite built to help him get an online presence quickly and affordably. That is the intent of our SimpleSite product and they have worked for a number of customers as a jumping-off point for their businesses. Justin was in that same boat. As his business grew, the website needed to evolve as well.

This website came with an idea for a new logo as well. Bethany, our graphic designer, worked to create a logo matching the image in Justin’s mind which was then used for the new website and packaged for other print uses later.

This is a simple, three-page, theme website. We have found that a website under three pages does not index as well with search engines so we always encourage customers to go with at least three pages. Cost wise, you are not looking at much more to get three pages on a build like this over one single page.

The 144 Rock Chip Express website is what you would call an online brochure type website. If you picture a tri-fold brochure and the information you might see in one of those, the website would contain the same type quantity of information. We want to share the important things about your company and encourage new business to get in touch.

Justin repairs windshields, windows, and back glass in cars, trucks, and SUV’s. All repairs come with a full guarantee against leaks, wind noise, and stress cracks. Justin is a certified professional that stands behind his work.

We are thankful for the continued relationship with Justin and 144 Rock Chip Express. One of the more exciting things about our business is working with entrepreneurs, watching their businesses grow and succeed. Thanks, Justin, for your continued business with us.